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Word Forge Games is a fresh and dynamic card and board game manufacture driven by a team of gamers. Our first project, Devil’s Run: Route 666, exploded onto the scene in 2015 and since then we have worked hard to source and create some of the best games available. 


Since our inception we have created the following games:

  • Devil's Run, Route 666 (currently out of print)
  • A full range of resin miniatures for Devil's Run
  • Devil's Run, Reaper's Revenge (currently out of print)
  • CheekZ
  • Throwdown! (currently out of print)
  • GOREBALL fantasy football Ogre players in resin
  • Devil's Run, Hell's Highway
  • Devil's Run, Miles' Massacre
  • Package!?
  • D-Day Dice (multiaward winner)
    • D-Day Dice Expansion: War Stories
    • D-Day Dice Expansion: Atlantikwall
    • D-Day Dice Expansion: Way to Hell
    • D-Day Dice Expansion: Overlord
    • D-Day Dice Expansion: Legends
    • D-Day Dice Expansion: Gott mit Uns
    • D-Day Dice Expansion: Spoils of War
  • D-Day Dice Pocket
  • Airborne in your Pocket (Double Bronze Geek Award winner)
    • AIYP Expansion: Inside the Bunker (cross over with D-Day Dice)
  • Armoured Digital
  • Pocket Landship (Bronze Geek Award winner)


We are also proud co-publishers of:

  • SLA Industries by Nightfall Games
    • SLA Industries Role Playing Game
    • SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector 1 miniatures skirmish game
  • Devil's Run RPG by Red Scar Publishing
  • Kings of War RPG by Red Scar Publishing in association with Mantic Games


Forthcoming products include:

  • Astroforce (Golden Geek Award winner)
  • SLA Industries 2nd Edition (due June 2020)
  • Zombie in my Pocket (Golden Geek Award winner)