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Pocket Landship - Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

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Pocket Landship is based on the 9 card print and play Board Game Geek Award nominated (2017) soloplay card wargame by Scott Allen Czysz.

In this version we see a steampunk theme and expanded gameplay with additional enemy and friendly options. as well as multiplayer options.

The card count will stay well below that of a deck of traditional playing cards, with core and expanded play cards clearly defined for easy navigation and quick game set up. Like the original P&P game, the Word Forge Games version of the game will additionally include dice and a small rules sheet. It was important to Scott (and WFG) that we kept the Pocket sized approach to this game...in this case, less is so much more!

Pocket Landship Box and Award 400

Command a Landship (the original British term for tanks) to clear a sector of enemy infantry, artillery, and enemy walkers, landships and alike. The player chooses which Landship they want to control depending on their skill level and then can add weapons or support units to create either a single high powered Landship or a more disparate defending force, including potentially smaller Landships or squads of shock troops.

The enemy appears as waves of enemy landships, walkers, artillery, infantry, and mine fields arranged in 2 rows of 3 cards.

Each turn, the player will roll 3 6-sided dice and assign each die to each of their cards to attack the enemies. Then, for the enemy turn, roll the 3 dice and assign them low to high left to right across the front enemy line, then take the assigned actions.

Damage is tracked for each card and when one is destroyed, it is removed from the game. Win by destroying all 6 enemy cards. Lose if the enemy destroys your landship first.

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