The wombat assembles other tanks
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The Wombat is a massive mobile factory that is the lifeblood of any extended combat action. This lumbering beast?s main purpose is to assemble common parts into new vehicles for use immediately. It uses a combination of liquid 3-D printing and ultrasonic resonance welding to put units on the ground immediately. Its large assembly floor and four mobile manipulator arms allow it to build any standard combat drone available. The Wombat also serves other purposes. It can repair units on the battlefield by dragging them onboard and replacing damaged components. It can also store large amounts of resources to give you a ready stockpile of materials. It is a very large unit and can move to put itself out of danger or even attempt to ram attackers in desperate situations! The Wombat comes with the orders card Prepared Build, which allows you to expend a command order to increase the effectiveness of your next production order.

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted