A raider tank, designed to get up close and personal
Price / kg:

It has average protection, baseline comms and sensors, but high firepower. The Wolf is equipped with a Firepower 4 pair of plasma cannons. These will make a mess of reactive armour, meaning that once you get in close with enemy Rhinos, they?re in real trouble. There are other key units that sport reactive armour and like to hide in the backfield, like the Wombat mobile factory and the Meerkat EW Vehicle, and these are your real targets. Even the command vehicle makes a fantastic target, although its Composite Protection trait makes it less vulnerable. With Mobility 4, your Wolf can roam at will. It will cruise 12? on a standard move order, so it?s on target in fewer orders than your other tanks and can get to firing. With only comms 2, it will need something to transmit orders forward and you will have to be careful not to leave it cut off from your commander. Although it only has sensors 2, its mobility can close the gap to gain a lock.The Wolf comes packaged with the order Plasma Blast. This is a shooting action that sacrifices a little firepower to double your chances of rolling up an ADE (on a 5+ instead of a 6). This is a fantastic way to soften an otherwise tough target or render a unit useless by removing its weapons or mobility.

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted