A Stealth tank, that is hard to see and harder to hit
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The Viper Stealth tank is a very different type of raider to the Wolf. Whereas that tank is fast and well-armed, the Viper opts for slightly more average stats and gains the Stealth trait. Stealth gives a passive _1 modifier to any unit shooting at it, and while this might not sound like a big difference, it means that a Viper which moves at least 8" and is in cover is often impossible to hit. The Viper carries a powerful laser and has reflective armour, but also has a better sensor system than the Wolf. The Viper is not only hard to hit, it can hit targets more reliably. The Viper comes with the orders card Stealth Mode, which forces any unit attempting to target it to roll equal or under their sensor value before they can shoot. In fact, a Viper can remain stealthed until the end of the turn or it shoots.

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted