A Command vehicle for those who like to get into the fight
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While the Centaur is a good all-round command vehicle, the Vampire is for those commanders who prefer to get into the fight more directly. The Digipath driving one of these beasts is not interested in having their drones do all the fighting for them! The Vampire sacrifices the excellent communications and easy command interface of the Centaur for a host of combat-oriented upgrades. The Vampire has the Stealth and Resilient traits as well as the usual Composite Protection and Self-Repair. It also trades in the Firepower 3 missiles for a Firepower 4 laser weapon system, and retains the hardpoint for an additional weapon turret, shield or sensors. While the Vampire has a clear role in going on the offensive, commanders strapping themselves into its cockpit have to make some difficult choices. Do you support the Vampire with a comms-capable unit like the Meerkat? Do you choose a set of units with decent individual comms like the Cougar or the Elephant? Or do you keep your force clustered together as a single squad and hope you don?t get surrounded? The Vampire comes with the card Disrupt, which shows what happens when a Digipath takes direct action against the mind and commands of another Digipath! With this card, you roll a dice against the target commander?s surprise value. If you succeed, you can force them to discard a random orders card and then try again, up to a maximum of three cards.

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted