The mainstay resource gatherer
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The Squirrel Transport is an essential unit in Armoured Digital. This simple but rugged vehicle's entire job is to race in to the Extractor in the centre of the table and grab resources to bring back to the production unit to keep it producing more units. The Squirrel can carry up to eight resource tokens and has mobility 3 to allow it to move rapidly back and forth between the extractor and production unit. It has basic sensors and comms of 2, but cunning commanders can still use a spare Squirrel to perform actions like spotting for artillery or acting as a link in a comms chain to a far-flung unit. In fact, with hardened armour this unit can be surprisingly effective at ramming targets when desperate measures are called for! The Squirrel comes with the card Activate Redundants. This card is only for units with Hardened armour and allows them to use saves to cancel ADEs as well as against main damage hits. This can prevent the really critical systems going offline when you most need them.

This resin model is supplied unpainted