A flexible and dependable main battle drone
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The Rhino is an excellent all-round tank. It balances firepower with good protection, sensors and mobility, providing a flexible and dependable main battle drone. It packs a Gauss weapon with Firepower 3. This is slightly less than the Wolf or the Elephant, but with a 30? range this tank can dominate large areas of the table if you position it well. The firepower is backed up by a sensors value of 3, meaning that you gain sensor lock within 12?. This thing will punish any Elephant silly enough to wander into the open, and is a danger to the Squirrel transports that aren?t careful about where they drive. The Rhino?s reactive armour makes it difficult to take out at range, but it is vulnerable to a close encounter with a raiding tank like a Wolf or a Viper. However, it does make up for this with the Resilient trait, which means that it always gets to roll all three protection dice to save. The Rhino comes with the new orders card HV Shot (HV for Hypervelocity). This is a shooting action where rolls of natural six can?t be saved against. However, the shoot action can only be taken if the vehicle hasn't moved, and there's a chance you?ll blow out some inductor coils and suffer firepower damage. The order is restricted to Gauss weapons.

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted