The nimblest transport vehicle available
Price / kg:

The Raccoon transport sacrifices survivability for speed. This nimble vehicle is more than 30% faster than its two counterparts, the Armadillo and the Squirrel. If you can?t bring your production unit close to the Extractor, this transport will cover that ground faster than the others. However, this speed does come at a price. The Raccoon is very lightly armoured and its carrying capacity is less than the Squirrel?s. It packs Reactive armour as its protection mode, so if the enemy is covering the centre of the battlefield with long-ranged Projectile weapons you?ve got a better chance at surviving a hit than the Hardened armour of the Squirrel. The Raccoon comes with the orders card Countermeasures, which allows a unit with Reactive armour to sacrifice some mobility to gain additional save dice. While this Raccoon can?t use this card directly it will come in handy for anyone with a Rhino, Centaur or other reactive-armoured vehicle.

This resin model is supplied unpainted