Can destroy small objects like missiles and rockets
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The Porcupine is a unit critical to any determined defence. It packs a small laser weapon, but it can filter the power for this weapon into a specialised array that can target and disable small, fast-moving objects like projectiles, missiles and rockets. Once it gets a focus point on the target, the laser will either burn through it or warp its flight path enough to protect itself and other units in close proximity. The main function of the Porcupine is to sit in the middle of a force and protect other units with this array, adding its current firepower to the target?s save dice. It can?t stop enemy energy weapons, so it forces the enemy to assault the defensive position and risk their vehicles crossing prepared killing grounds. The Porcupine also has the ability to fill in some other minor roles, as it carries Active sensors (allowing it to spot targets for artillery without needing line of sight) and it has the AA trait to fill in against enemy aircraft. It doesn?t perform spectacularly in these roles, but it can support a force while they scramble to build a specialist. The Porcupine comes with the orders card Area Defence, which allows it to boost the save dice of any unit within 12? by adding this unit?s firepower in extra dice. This orders card requires the trait Defensive Fire, which the Porcupine has.

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted