Highly-capable electronic warfare tank
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It has the most powerful communications array of any tank in service, and it can use this capability to tie together a widely-spaced force and ensure that no drone is left out of range of new orders. It is not very well protected, but it is not intended for front-line service and its reactive armour can protect it from long-ranged attacks. Its high mobility makes repositioning it a breeze. However, the real power of the Meerkat lies in the large jamming array it carries. With the Jamming order card, it can disrupt the communications of any enemy unit within its substantial communications range. When well placed, this unit can be the bane of enemy commanders. Equally, though, it is vulnerable to being targeted by enemy artillery and the jamming field is shut off if it needs to move to a new position. The Meerkat comes with the Jamming orders card, which makes any enemy unit within comms range need to roll to be used in any comms chain. This order needs a unit with the Jamming trait, like the Meerkat.

This resin model is supplied unpainted