Doesn't need line of sight to rain down destruction
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The Jackal is a very specialised tank. It packs a powerful suite of sensors into its small chassis that open up some great capabilities for the cunning commander. Not only is it packing Sensors 4, but these are active sensors as well. Active sensors don't need line of sight, meaning that you can get a sensor lock on anything within 16" regardless of what's in the way. It also has the Scout trait, meaning that if it is sensor locked on something, every unit within comms range of the Jackal gets to ignore the cover modifier when shooting. The Jackal is armed, although with only a Firepower 2 missile launcher. It has reactive armour, but a protection value of only 2. This is not a frontline combat tank! The main role of the Jackal is supporting other forces from a hidden location, either to remove the cover modifier or to allow an Elephant to fire on targets that you've locked with your sensors. The Jackal comes with the Guided Missiles card, which allows it to reroll dice when shooting at something in sensor lock or even fire without LOS. This card is restricted to units with missile armament.

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted