A hard-hitter that sacrifices mobility for firepower
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Its main weapon is Firepower 4 and Explosive, but the key part is the Artillery trait that allows it to use shooting orders that don?t require LOS. So long as another unit has a sensor lock on a target and a comms chain back to the Elephant, you can sit behind cover and rain fire on your enemies all day long. With explosive rounds it?s deadly to raiding tanks with reflective armour (like the Wolf and Viper), and has the firepower to make short work of them. But that?s not all an Elephant is capable of. It packs Comms 3, so if the command vehicle is headed into the fray it can function as a local communications node to extend comms chains back to logistic or support units. Its hardened armour makes it a hard target against enemy artillery, as well. The Elephant comes with the Orders card Blindfire, allowing it to fire without LOS, a spotter or even remaining still during the turn, but at the cost of two points of Firepower. Only Artillery units can use this order.

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted