An amphibious raiding tank
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The Crocodile is a different kind of raiding tank. This tank?s ability to close with the enemy to deliver shots from its Firepower 3 Plasma cannon isn?t a product of speed or stealth. Instead, the Crocodile has the Amphibious trait, allowing it to cross deep water that would be impassable to other tanks. Amphibious isn?t just useful in deep water, though! The Crocodile?s boat-shaped hull gives it a mobility advantage in soft sand, snow, mud and marsh as well. It can cross terrain that other tanks avoid while avoiding being bogged down.The supporting systems on this tank are worth noting as well. With Sensors 3, the Crocodile can gain a sensor lock out to 2/3rds of its maximum range, either to improve its own shooting or to spot for artillery. With Comms 3, the Crocodile is well placed to keep other raiders within the comms net. The Crocodile comes with the Orders card Evasive Manoeuvres, where a tank sacrifices some of its movement to make itself a hard target. This card is perfect for raiders or tanks having to cross open ground, but the effects only last until the tank receives another order.

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted