Has good firepower, protection & mobility
Price / kg:

The Cougar is perhaps the ultimate jack-of-all-trades tank. It carries respectable firepower, protection and mobility, has a communications and sensor package better than most front-line tanks and has an average replacement cost. Its weapons are a pair of HE cannons that allow it to deal with enemy raider tanks, a task for which it carries more protection than a Cheetah and more mobility than an Elephant. Its sensors allow it to more effectively spot for artillery units or target enemies under stealth. Its broader comms bubble allows it to act as a very capable link to more distant drones. The lack of an obvious speciality means that the Cougar can be difficult to use for first-time commanders. However, as a supplemental combat unit it can be invaluable for many of the reasons above. If you?re looking for a unit that can keep up with your assault force but won?t die in a stiff breeze, the Cougar is an excellent choice. The Cougar comes with the orders card Forced Crossing, which allows a unit to tear across difficult ground without losing speed. However, this reckless approach doubles the risk of the unit damaging or bogging their drive systems, so commanders who use it need to be ready to take the risk.

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted