Fast with a the capacity to deliver devastating salvoes
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The Cheetah is a straightforward vehicle, but it excels in what it does. This little raider is designed to race into position, deliver one or two devastating salvoes, and then die horribly in the return fire before being replaced by a fresh vehicle. Some commanders underestimate the threat from this little rocket sled, only to realise their mistake as the high explosive rains down on them. The Cheetah packs a Firepower 5 rocket launcher array on its back, the single most devastating weapon seen so far on the battlefield. It also has Mobility 4, allowing it to get to grips with the enemy in no time at all. However, its Protection value of 2 and hardened armour makes it rather vulnerable to enemy fire both as it closes with its targets and after delivering a shot. It has no special traits to offer anything else to the commander, but its replacement costs are relatively low. This is the perfect unit to either rapidly counter enemy raiders or to throw at a hard target that can only be shifted with an application of overwhelming fire.The Cheetah comes with the Barrage orders card, which allows an Explosive-armed unit to stand and deliver fire to multiple targets if they are clustered closely together.

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted