The most common Command Vehicle
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The Centaur is the heart of your forces. Or more accurately, its cargo is. As a command vehicle, this is the only unit in your force that isn?t a drone. The Digipath pilot of this vehicle is the controller of your entire force. And the Centaur makes an excellent mobile command vehicle. It is quite mobile and has a profile not much bigger than most of the combat drones, meaning that it can move to where it can best direct the battle. With Comms 4, it also has an excellent reach. It is well protected with Reactive armour for long-range duels, although due to the Composite Protection trait it doesn?t suffer as much from energy weapons. It even has a highly capable missile launcher for offensive purposes, and self-repair drones to keep it in the fight. The Centaur has space for one optional hardpoint. This can be equipped with an additional comms or sensor suite, a defence field generator or a supplementary weapons system from any of the six available types. Whether you want a backfield commander, a hard to kill mobile bunker or an aggressive assault unit, you have the flexibility to make it happen. The Centaur comes with the card Tactical Analysis, which functions very similarly to the Buffer card, but for the Surprise roll instead of Planning. Using this at the right moment can give you the drop on your enemy!

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted