Packs significant firepower via a Gauss AND Plasma cannon
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The Bear assault tank is a curious combat vehicle. It packs significant firepower, but splits this between a Gauss cannon and a Plasma Cannon. Its protection is Hardened, giving it best protection against the one type of firepower it does not carry. It has the Composite Protection and Self-Repair traits, making it one of the few combat units that has similar combat capabilities to a command unit. This arrangement of weapons means that it is somewhat effective at range, and highly effective at close quarters. Its mobility 2 makes it sometimes difficult to bring all weapons to bear, but the additive effects of carrying two weapons makes this a deadly opponent with any card or effect that adds to firepower (like the Rapid Fire order card). Its defensive traits also make it a more difficult prospect to kill than it might at first appear, rendering Projectile weapons no more effective than Energy and forcing Energy weapons to close within its most effective firepower range. The Bear comes with the orders card Divert Power, which is a shooting action that allows a unit with multiple firepower types to move one point of firepower from one weapon system to another. This comes in handy when one of your weapons is rather ineffective against a particular target, as the effects last until the end of the turn.

This multipart resin model is supplied unpainted