The Armadillo is a transport vehicle
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These transports are the lifeblood of a force, and the resources they bring in allow a commander to replace their losses during the battle. The Armadillo is designed for situations where the enemy is assaulting an Extractor in force and the ground is a very dangerous place to be. It packs the Resilient trait to help it survive multiple attacks, and is covered in Reflective armour to ward off the attacks of raiders like the Wolf, Crocodile or Viper. It is just as fast as the Squirrel but sacrifices some of the transport capability for the extra armour. The Armadillo comes with the orders card Angled Reflectors, which allows you to bounce saved hits onto nearby enemy units. While it is a logistics unit and cannot use this card directly, any reflective-armoured combat unit will make good use of it.

This resin model is supplied unpainted