The night before June 6th, 1944, more than ten thousand Allied paratroopers were dropped into enemy territory to prepare the Normandy landings - but the troop-carrying planes were blasted by German anti-aircraft fire, scattering their airborne troops anywherebut where they were meant to be.

You are one of these paratroopers. And as luck turns out, the winds have blown you directly where you are needed the most! As you were descending, you discovered a terrible sight: the Germans have installed two 24.0 cm Guns in a hidden bunker. Those cannons are set to fire at the beaches of Normandy. You alone can stop them from killing the Allied troops! All you need is some explosives...

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Airborne in Your Pocket


Airborne in your Pocket

2x Bronze Geek Award winner.

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Inside the Bunker

An expansion for AIYP & enables D-Day Dice crossover play

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