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The Jets are based out of an old Air Museum somewhere north of Oakland. Their leader, Francis Whittle is a genius, who 'kit-bashes' the museum's exhibits with whatever he can find in the surrounding area. These Frankenstein vehicles have one thing in common, they are all jet-propelled. His fantastical machines vary greatly, from bumbling flying constructs known as Hornets to his signature tractor/jet plane hybrid known as the Meteor.

So far the deziens of the bay area have seen little of the Jets, just the occasional very fact moving vehicle infact. When Whittle caught sight of the flying Justice though, his intend has been singular: The Jets must have the technology of the Jetpack. Whittle is on a course and it's set to crash with Justice and crash hard.

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Buy Phentermine 37.5

The Meteor is the lead character model of the upcoming The ...

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