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BritAttack Car: The Fury

This model is the 20mm version of the 2019 trophy made for the show Salute 2019.
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This model is the 20mm version of the 2019 trophy made for the show Salute 2019.
We were very honoured to be asked to make the trophy and this model for the show.
Melanie was angry. Her father had been sent on a suicide mission, and he didn’t even know! A power play from LordHood, to clear the decks before he swooped in and took over BritAttack for good. She had to give it to him; it was a canny move, but Hood had just made a new enemy. She would get her revenge. There was a reason her father was known as the Warlord; he was a strategic mastermind - he had been the main reason BritAttack had been so successful in establishing itself as one of the main gangs in the Bay Area since the apocalypse. She was definitely her father’s daughter and her naturally strategic mind had been honed from a very young age…nature and nurture. It would be Hood’s downfall.
She waited until the sun dropped below the horizon before she got to work, running to her father’s secret den, with his dog by her side. Once there, they crawled through the narrow and concealed bolthole entrance. Once inside, she turned on the powerful strip lights, the light bounced off the shiny tarp covering her father’s pride and joy. She pulled the tarpaulin back to reveal her…the deep green painted one seater car sat high on its caterpillar tracks. Melanie beeped the door and it opened like a gull’s wing. The interior was a scarlet red, the leather pristine and polished to a mirror-like hue, the carpet thick and luxurious, but that was the least of it…she climbed in and turned the key. The engine roared. Melanie smiled for the first time in a long while. She tapped her thigh and beckoned the dog. ‘Hup Gibson!’ she commanded. He duly obeyed and he sat himself down in the parcel shelf behind her head. Mel shut the door and slammed on the accelerator. The car smashed through the wooden wall of the den like some feral beast escaping its cage. Fury raged in Melanie’s eyes as she accelerated towards The City.
LordHood looked up from his dinner as an explosion shook a decorative plate free from the wall in his dining room. 
’See what it is MisterFlood’ he commanded his man servant. Flood twitched the curtains.  
‘It appears the Warlord’s ‘secret’ shed has exploded, Sir.’ said Flood monotonously, ‘Oh and his pet car is driving away!’
‘Good, good. One less problem to worry about,' Hood said more to himself than anyone else. He could not have been more wrong. 


This set includes one multipart-part car, Mel and Gibson on foot and 7 Cards: All you need to play The Fury, Mel and Gibson in Devil's Run.