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A cheeky little card game of face-stuffing hamsters and double entendre for all the family (2-8 players).


How much seed can you fit in your cheeks? - From this simple question spawned a worldwide phenomenon. Only the most well-trained hamsters can prove their worth by doing battle in the CheekZ arena. There shall be no turning the other cheek, as you force your opponents to spread theirs and spill their seed.

CheekZ is a highly strategic hamster-powered version of Poker. Players take turns placing Battle, Attack and Defence cards until all Cheekz are empty. The winner then gets to spread the Cheekz of the other players and choose one to discard a Cheek. Players then Stash their Seed - but look out for Toxic and Exploding Seeds as players reveal a Dirty Cheek!This beautifully designed and illustrated card game is by the Youtube personality Andy Ransome (Andy 2D6) and Word Forge Games (the people behind the vehicular battle game - Devil's Run: Route 666).

Playtester's Comments:

'Daddy can we play CheekZ again...PLEEEEASE?'

'Haha! You can't say that!'

'We have had a lot of fun playing CheekZ, I can't wait to take it down the club!'. 

'It’s a Beer and Pretzel type of game, but with hidden depth in game play and double entendre. Perfect for grown-ups and children alike'.

'You and your Mighty Balls!'

'I can't believe you Shafted me! [Played the Shaft of Light Card], I'm gonna make you spread them next turn.'

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Andy’s Tongue in Cheek Designer notes: 

Since I was but a small child, I dreamt of one day creating a card game to simulate the bitter struggle for supremacy that takes place in hamster cages across the globe. During the exhaustive research phase of this project I took it upon myself to live among the hamsters, eventually being accepted into their tribe. As I observed their face-filling ways, making over six hundred pages of detailed notes, my respect for these remarkable creatures grew to a level I never thought possible. Hamsters truly are the kings of the world. 

A Quick Comment on Double Entendre:  

What does double entendre mean? Quite simply it is a word or phrase that can have two meanings; one is innocent the other rude or riské. Check the definition here. And that's the beauty; young and innocents will only ever understand the innocent version, whereas us grown-ups will enjoy the double entendre. Including double entendre in this game and the opportunity for players to add so much more will crank up the fun for grown ups, whereas for children, the hamsters and the game play is what it's all about.