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Can You Buy Soma In Mexico

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Can You Buy Soma In Mexico

SALE 40% OFF. 6 double sided Tiles which form the perfect circuit for a Demolition Derby and Add-on rules. NOTE: You will need a copy of the Devil's Run core game to play this Expansion Pack.
Sales price £15.00

SALE 40% OFF. £25 to £15

6 double sided Tiles which form the perfect circuit for a Demolition Derby and rules to make this version of Devil's Run refreshingly different, multiplayer and super exciting!

Also comes with three Race missions

The Bend tiles come with curved grids for the Demolition Derby and a square grid for use in normal Devil's Run games..


NOTE: You will need a copy of the Devil's Run core game to play this Expansion Pack.

NOTE 2: This product has a very limited stock. It was designated as a KickStarter exclusive when we ran our KS campaign. Minimum order quantity mean we have a couple of hundred left...but once its gone its gone! Be quick, or be dead...sad!